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Attract Butterflies to your yard with nectar sources and larval food sources!

Garden Center Gallery

ANNUALS:  We provide a full line of annuals~ from old favorites to the newest varieties.  We can help you figure out what to put in your containers and annual beds. Sunny, shady or somewhere inbetween- we can help you choose plants, soil and fertiliers to make your containers look their best all summer long!
PERENNIALS: Our perennials selection is one of the best around- not because we carry the newest, hot out-of-the-test tube varieites- but because we strive to carry perennials that are going to do well in OUR area.  We do love some of the newest varieties, don't get me wrong, but all too often it seems that new varieties aren't all that they are cracked up to be.  We like to test new perennials first, before we recommend them to you.  We carry both native and non-native perennials and are happy to help you figure out what to plant where. (It is extremely helpful if you bring us pictures and measurements)
You'll find that we carry a wide variety of NATIVE PERENNIALS- both grasses and forbs.  We have been growing and recommending natives for more than 10 years.  So you could say- we were native before native was cool!  Our passion for natives comes from our desire to do our part to make the world a better place.  Natives give back.  They feed insects, birds, and other critters.  Their deep root systems help to clean our water.  Their lush foliages help to clean our air.  PLUS, in the garden they are easy to care for- they don't generally mind Illinois weather conditions- varied as they may be.  They can tolerate feeding from native critters without the need to use pesticides.  They require no synthetic fertlizers.  THEY DO ALL THIS AND STILL LOOK GOOD!
TREES: "For trees that will THRIVE, not merely Survive" is more than a catchy saying.  We pride ourselves in growing trees with excellent roots... not ok, not good enough... we strive to produce trees with excellent root systems.  Excellent roots mean that our trees are well-positioned to THRIVE in your landscape!  We grow our trees start to finish in the Rootmaker System.  This system, when used properly, produces a root system that is well organized and fiberous.  That means that there are very few, if any circling roots!  No circling roots means that the trees can easily start to produce new roots when it is planted in your yard!
We grow many native species as well as non-native species.  Check out our ROOTMAKER TREES pages of this website for more information and trees availabilities.
SHRUBS: We grow a full line of shrubs- native, non-native, evergreen, flowering, shrub roses.  We can help you choose the right shrubs for your foundation planting, shrub borders, etc.  Bring in your pictures and measurements and we can help you choose the right shrub for your site!
GRASSES: Native and Non-native, tall, short, and inbetween!  Did you know that Boehm's Garden Center is home of Little Bluestem 'Carousel'?  Grasses are a great addition to any perennial garden because they bring stability to the garden.  Grasses are also great to use as a specimen, or massed.  The possibilities are endless!  Bring in your pictures and measurments and let us help you plan your gardens!